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Making Your Number Plates Theft Proof - Number Plates
October 22, 2020

Making Your Number Plates Theft Proof

Car theft is a massive crime in the UK, as is number plate theft. Often, crimes are carried out in cars that use stolen plates ( The purpose of this is to deflect attention from the real criminals and to try and shift the blame onto the innocent people who the plates really belong to. This leads to many innocent motorists getting caught up in legal battles and being blamed for things they haven’t done, simply because their plates have been stolen by thieves who have then used them to commit a crime.

One solution here is to make your number plates theft-proof. The purpose of this is to reduce the chances of your number plates being stolen in the first place, so you are much less likely to experience problems as a result. This means that your number plates need to adhere to an industry-standard, so they are considered to be ‘theft proof’ by the DVLA.

To be considered theft-proof, number plates need to be attached to the car in such a way that they cannot be removed from your car in under three minutes ( If they can be removed in less than that time, then they have not been secured well enough, and your car would be considered at risk. So, if your number plates are coming loose or you are concerned they might not be attached properly to your car, you should definitely check them as soon as you possibly can to rectify the situation and make sure they can’t be easily removed.

Also, for number plates to be theft-proof, they must not be able to be reused after removal. This means that when they are removed from your car, they are altered or damaged in such a way that they would be able to be put back on without it being obvious that the car had been tampered with. This discourages number plate theft as it will be easier for the police and other enforcement agencies to spot when cars or their number plates might be stolen.

One of the main ways you can make your car’s number plates theft-proof is by using tamper-proof screws. These are essentially screws that cannot be removed with regular screwdrivers and so they contribute to the goal of making it so that your number plates cannot be removed in under three minutes.

One of the biggest crimes that are committed using stolen number plates is fuel theft: robbers steal the number plates and then use them on cars to go and steal fuel to avoid paying for it. The person who owns the number plates is then liable to be fined instead as they are the only ones who can be associated with that crime unless, of course, they can prove their innocence.

This highlights the importance of taking action to make sure your number plates are theft-proof and that you check your plates regularly to make sure they are firmly attached to your car, preferably using tamper-proof screws so they cannot be removed without considerable effort.